Storm Debris Pickup 7/28/17 - Ray Harwood

Storm Debris Pickup 7/28/17

Storms whipped through the Rio Crossing community in north-west Avondale, AZ two weekends in a row.  On Sunday July 16, 2017, one of two weather stations clocked a 60 mph gust at rooftop level -- before the weather station came down.  The other weather station at fence-height recorded 30 mph gusts in that same timeframe, along with a 2.5 inch rainfall in about 12 hours.  The landscape contractor reported 19 trees down on association property, and were out in force a couple of days later to cut down and haul away those trees.  But many residents had trees down too, and with the next bulk pickup 4 weeks away, the City of Avondale Public Works folks made a special trip through the neighborhood to pick up storm debris green waste. 

There was a second storm the following Sunday July 23, 2017, with another 30 mph gust and an additional 0.5 inch of rain, but there wasn't nearly as much damage this time. 

After no rain since mid-May, it promises to be an exciting monsoon season here in the west valley!

Here's a few pictures and a couple of videos of the crew in action Friday morning, July 28, 2017.