Storm Water - 8/12/17 - Ray Harwood

Water, Water, Everywhere...

My personal weather station logged just over half an inch of rain overnight from late Friday August 11, 2017 through Saturday morning.  After taking my wife to work early Saturday morning, I hopped in my yellow truck and toured the neighborhood - from about 5:30am for about an hour and a half.  I also went back out a little later in the morning for some additional pictures.

Having read a little about dry-wells (our board approved a contract in May to have ours inspected and repaired as needed), I wanted to see ours "in action," so to speak.  Turns out there wasn't much water flowing down the dry-wells... but there was plenty of water standing in the green belts.

Here's a compilation of what I saw.  I've tried to group pictures "geographically by green well".

Storm clouds and the truck

North end along El Mirage

Along the walking path from Roma Park to Highland

SE Corner of 124th and Roma

West of 124th at Roma - the "Jumping Wall"

Roma Park - the large green belt NE of Roma and 123rd

SW Corner of Turney and 123rd

SW Corner of Glenrosa and 123rd

123rd between Devonshire and Heatherbrae

Between El Mirage and Devonshire/123rd

El Mirage, from Heatherbrae entrance all the way north

Near the Avondale Water Pumping Station at El Mirage, NE corner of Rio Crossing